Services provided by SIIE are grouped in two business areas.


Consultancy and Business Development services in the renewable energy industry. We provide independent consultancy services all along the value chain of an electricity generation asset based on renewable technology, mainly solar PV and Wind but also in Biogas, CHP and CSP power plants.

Since 2007 we have delivered our consultancy services to utilities, IPP’s, public administration and private investors as well as other stakeholders as financial institutions or EPC suppliers.

From business opportunity identification to managing an operating asset SIIE provides a global and business focused approach to its clients.

Any project or pipeline development requires expertise and global market vision vision not only in technical solutions but also in country risk analysis, solid revenue stream forecast, reliable resource forecast, regulatory understanding and economic modeling. After successfully developing relevant projects in Europe and LatAm SIIE offers this global market vision and expertise to its clients.

Market Analisys (Country/Region) Project Development Debt and Equity raising
Region and Regulatory Risks Electricity Market Overview Resource Analysis Feasability Study Economic Base case model Financing alternatives (D/E)
Generation Mix Analysis Engineering and Permitting Local financial institutions negotiation
Energy Revenues Scheme Merchant vs. PPA markets Private offtakers EPC tendering Management of Multilateral and cooperation institutions programs


SIIE delivers customized business process management and outsourcing services (BPM/BPO) related to design, selling and after-sale services of small and medium sized solar pv systems.

These services are based on web and mobile application platform in order to optimize “non-core business” costs for our clients as well as bringing to the “retail” market those engineering services commonly used only in the industrial sector such as technical and economical feasability studies, technical support in permitting, remote monitoring and supervision, etc...

Theses outsourcing services provide our clients with:

  • Optimization of their “in house” resources
  • Delivering to their own customers an agile and cost-effictive service
  • Monitoring of their sales activity in real time (CRM functionality)
  • Get an up to date support in solar pv systems and its regulatory requirements.


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